What is Structured Water?

Transferring energy from structured water to your body’s cells

Structured energised water is...

...  healthy,  energised water as found in natural sources and inside living cells.
It is thought that structured water may have a higher level of electrical charges.

What is naturally

structured water



Water can be structured or unstructured. Structured water is more energetic and immediately adds more energy to living beings and plants. Unstructured water has less energy, such as what you drink from a plastic bottle. The body, therefore, needs to use much more energy to absorb the nutrients from unstructured water. As we humans consist of approx. 70% of water. It is therefore important that the water we consume is structured and more energetic. Unfortunately, the water that comes out of the taps is also unstructured and therefore less energy-rich.

Water in its natural environment

Water in nature is most often structured. In the free flow of water in nature, we can observe that the water twists and turns, forms a vortex. In streams, water moves in layers at different speeds. The free flow of water, - meaning moving water, exposed to air, vortices, and spirals - is central to the water's structural quality.
When photographing water molecules (Dr. Masaru Emoto), it is demonstrated which molecular structure water has under different conditions. Water molecules from a stream in untouched nature, have a high concentration of harmonic hexagonal molecules - i.e. structured water with a higher energy level. This natural water would be ideal as domestic water, but it is not possible to access that water without loss of energy.

Industrialisation has had a big impact on the energy level of water

The domestic water we get today does not come from natural springs and streams. It is mostly pumped up from the subsoil and transported under pressure over long distances in straight pipes until it reaches us, the consumers.

Along the way, the water uses part of its stored energy to deal with the unharmonised and unnatural conditions to which it is exposed. In many cases this means, chemicals, pressure, pipes, and unnatural feed ways. The water molecules become so energy-weak that they can not maintain their natural structure, and are thus not able to be energy-enriching. It is the human intervention in the cycle of nature and water that weakens the energy level of water.
You  can say that water, just like us, can be drained of energy when exposed to conditions  directly against our nature.

Is industrialized water so unhealthy?

At the energy level, it is unhealthy. The water is usually clean and tastes good, but it is without the necessary energy, which is due to the unnatural conditions and content that the water is exposed to on its transport from the source to the tap.

Can the high energy level in water be restored?

When the water is exposed to the right kind of charge and energy field, the water molecules will restructure back to their natural hexagonal structure

Get the benefits of structured water at home and on the go

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